1.  What is Build Hope International?

Build Hope International is a non-profit organization that exists to end the abuse of orphans for the profit of evildoers around the world.  We exist to provide shelter, food, education, and the love of Jesus Christ to these children.

  1. How did Build Hope start?

Build Hope started out of an awareness of orphans around the world. There are underground criminals that line their own pockets by kidnapping orphans and forcing them to work. Such criminals often maim children to elicit empathy when they go out in public everyday to beg for money that they themselves will not be keeping.

  1. What is your Mission Statement?

To Give Homes and Hope to Orphans.

  1. Is Build Hope a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization?

Yes, all donations to Build Hope is tax-deductible. Tax ID is  45-2304566

  1. How much does it cost to run an orphanage?

On average, it takes about $1,000 / year to take care of one orphan child. To keep costs affordable, child sponsorship is $40 a month to help feed and shelter children in third world countries.

6. How much of my donation will actually go toward the orphans?

All donations will go towards providing homes for the orphaned. Please see Finances section on website for details.

7. Will Build Hope build and run these orphanages?

While one of Build Hope’s missions is certainly to build orphanages, we seek to connect the resources of the churches in the United States with the local churches near our orphanages to empower them to take care of these orphanages themselves. We will do our utmost best to ensure that these orphans are properly cared for by striving for financial responsibility, integrity and accountability.

8. How is Build Hope different from larger organizations like World Vision and Compassion? 

Build Hope focuses on providing all the basic needs for children without parents and without shelter. We strongly support World Vision and Compassion, but the core difference is nearly all their sponsored children have families and a home. It is more like weekly after-school program they attend for a few hours. However the orphans at Build Hope are abandoned with no home, and rely solely on supporters to provide for their food, shelter, clothing and medical expenses.